A better way to monitor electronic elements

You can monitor your electronic elements from any where in the universe, you don't need to visit physical location to know what's happening with your electronic elements.

  • Realtime Reporting

    You can see definite reporting in realtime and will be sifted and download explicit reports in different formats. The feature that empowers users to check the status of the element at any given moment.

  • Direction To The Exact Location

    You will get element's location and direction to the physical location through the TEMS. A retinue of tools that condense weeks of work into minutes, and presents a whole new era of finding the location.

  • Manage Different Type of Users

    Organizations can manage and limit the different types of user's access to the system. Our software also helps organizations increase efficiency by providing access to your organization to monitor electronic elements.

  • Email and SMS Notifications

    You will get an EMAIL and SMS notification after every significant action happening with your phone. It will help you to be updated about the changes if made.

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